Can I have a dollar?

Why do people lead with money and then wonder why their relationships never work? It is so crazy to sit back and watch people make reckless decisions and truly believe everything will work out great. I am not a Debbie Downer, but some shit is just clear as day.

I have friends that will shower women with money for no reason. I mean they meet a woman and just starts buying them shit. Why? You do not know this woman! What are you trying to prove?

There is one particular friend of mine who has done this a few times. When it is all done, she calls the women golddiggers. Are they digging for gold? Or are they just being handed gold? She likes those ultra-Femme types. The full make up everyday, never wears flats, expensive bags etc. Just the expensive-taste-type of women. That is fine. But, why does she feel the need to start contributing to their lifestyles right away?

My friend met a woman and within a few weeks she bought her a thousand dollar hand bag. Really? She couldn’t carry the same shit she already had? Please, she better bring out them bags from the back of the closet, tee hee. She said she bought her expensive flowers and was mad that the woman pretty much threw them down and wouldn’t even put them in water. If someone is showing they do not care and refuses to meet you half way, why bother? This wasn’t love. This was a brand new situation!

People who do this — usually boggle my mind. If you lead with money, people are going to let you spend. That is just what it is folks. We are in a recession! People are broke and some are just making it. If they meet  a dumb-ass who is spending and doing shit for no particular reason–um, they are going to sit on that pedestal and receive.

If you want to see if someone is genuine, then you need to fall back on all the gifts etc.

I will not let someone spend money on me if I don’t like them. That is just me. I will pay too because I am genuinely interested. Yes, I will let you pay for a dinner or a date, but I won’t sit around spending your money, if I genuinely do not like you. Karma is a bitch.

Why do people lead with money?


  1. Wow…your friend sure has a huge heart but she has a lot to learn. These women are just being themselves and they are by no means gold diggers. If you are giving away money, then why wouldn’t they take it. No one will turn down (gifts or money), especially, if it is free. That’s why some people in this world still marry for money and not love. So, if your friend is not looking for love, but she wants someone to (pretend they love her) then tell her keep on tricking. I am assuming she actually wants someone to love her and appreciate her though. In that case, please, implore her to stop giving away her money and not getting what she needs in return. By no means will I ever splurge on a thousand dollar handbag on a woman I just met. Are you f*** kidding me. Hell to the nah (In my Shanae-Nay) voice! I am far from cheap but I am wise when it comes to spending my (BENJAMINS!!!). 🙂

    Tell your friend to chill on buying expensive things for these women. Instead, she should invest in getting to know these woman. People will show you how they move, slowly and surely. It appears, your friend needs to take a page out of your book and take her time getting to know a woman. I agree with you, if you are going to be a sucker, might as well wear the T-Shirt.


  2. I dont understand the shit either. There is nothing wrong with saying no to females. Problem is once you start giving out handouts they are gonna expect you to be this way all the time. I have no problem paying half. Besides ppl who pay expect things in return 😉 lol


  3. I don’t think that the women are gold diggers necessary

    but your showering friends are basically saying that they lack the confidence in themselves to be attractive partners

    and are basically creating an employer/employee relationship by providing golden showers for the duration of the courtship period

    and then become dissatisfied when they are no longer content with the arrangements that they made

    so the blame the femme and repeat the cycle.


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