Sexually inappropriate Pt. 2

After some investigating, I started to piece this nonsense together. There was another young lesbian that worked there at the time. She had a girlfriend and she was out – or so she thought. She was talking to Mr. Man and mentioned her girlfriend during the conversation. He was shocked and asked if she was gay. She said yes and was shocked that he did not know. It was far from a big deal to her. The girl carries on her conversation and he asked if all the women were lesbians. She said no, but mentioned that “such and such” were gay. She really shouldn’t have been running her mouth. Whatever. We don’t talk to him that much, so I guess he just did not know. He was shocked when my name came up. He must have sworn I was straight. I am not sure why. Maybe he missed the day my “dykey” looking girlfriend at the time came to see me? Whatever.

It seems, after that conversation, he felt in his head it was inappropriate for me to sit in front of the other female. What? That is some dumb-shit. He was taking pictures of the event and “happen” to take one of us. This was the picture that he now had. A very innocent picture — I should point out.

I decided to go in his office and talk directly to him. I was not going to just let him say just anything he wanted about me. People were talking about this office-drama by now.

He told me, what he said was taken out of context and he NEVER said I sat on her lap. Lies. A room full of people heard him! He claimed he never said we were in the computer lab. He thought there was going to be confidentiality in the meeting, but there wasn’t. The person, who told me, had to tell me, she is my boss. She has to get to the bottom of shit. He goes on to tell me that he felt “some people” were influencing the children and some were also waiting for them to become of age. I guess that meant adults were preying on the children – like the teenage girls? What the fuck was this man saying to me? I was so offended. I told him, I was a grown woman who did not prey on children. I had children and he was out of line. I said I have no idea what these children or teens do in here, but to even tie me up in that kind of conversation was insulting. He said, he didn’t mean me, but my name just came up. I asked why my name came up. He said he “heard” I was a part of a dating circle. What? Again, I am a grown ass woman! I am not a part of any circles. To be honest, I did not know what he was talking about. I knew there were a few lesbians that worked there, but we were not a part of any circle. Was it the fact that he now knew there were lesbians on the job? Either way, he needed to grow the fuck up!  I let him know how I felt and that he should leave me out of what ever gripes he had with the job.

Did he think we were all sleeping together? I was not! In all actuality about 6 lesbians worked there at the time. That really isn’t a big number, when you think about the entire staff. I am sure you have at least 6 gay people at your job too. Most are probably in the back of the closet though.

I also asked to see the “picture” too. The picture only proved he had a wild imagination. I was just sitting there looking at a Gatorade bottle. She was looking straight ahead and everyone one else was doing the same. He told me he never told anyone he had a picture. I was psychic, no? How else can you explain me KNOWING about the picture? I asked if he thought that picture was inappropriate. He said “no and never said it was,” LIES!

Ever since that incident, I keep it simple with him. He apologized and said he should have never brought me up into the mix. Oh, and “he has nothing against homosexuals, if that is what people choose to do.” Hush, because I heard his daughter aint too far from being a lesbian. He should probably worry about that, if he chose to worry about anything at all.

My “work-lover” thought it would be funny to fuck with him. She would say “come sit on my lap” and silly jokes like that when he came around.  I am sure he almost had a heart attack. He looked and quickly looked away. Dumb Ass! I didn’t even want to play with him. I don’t have the time.

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