I will NOT eat….

No, not that.

I was utterly disgusted the other day; I saw the most unhygienic shit ever.

2 men who worked in a local Chinese restaurant were carrying in the latest food delivery. I missed what happened, but I saw a lot of uncooked chicken wings and mushrooms on the sidewalk. My guess was one of the boxes slipped and fell.

I walked up when they pulled out a garbage can to pick up the food. The guy put a clean garbage bag in the can. There was garbage in the can, but a clean bag was placed on top. Got it? Then he proceeded to pick the food up from the sidewalk and placed it in the bag. I was on my way to the store, I just looked and continued on. On the way back from the store, I noticed he was finished with the wings and moved on to the mushrooms.

He was really trying to hurry up too, people were watching with disgust. I know, I was disgusted. We all knew he was going to cook that sidewalk chicken and serve it to people.

I made eye contact with another man on the street; he was staring too. I said “you know they are going to cook that right?” He said “yes, it is a damn shame.”

I am all about the 3 second rule. Dropping food on the sidewalk though? I truly felt that food should have been tossed. I would have thrown it away, if it were me.  People are walking on the street with shit, piss, spit and what ever else.

I usually go to that Chinese Restaurant when I get my hair done. I was on the way to the salon. If I bring the kids with me, I would stop in there and grab them something to eat while we wait. Can you guess who won’t be going back?

I had stopped eating Chinese food for years. I just thought they were nasty. I know that doesn’t sound nice, but it was how I felt. I ended up eating Chinese food again when I moved to GA. I did not have a car at the moment and I was starving! My best friend and his brother loved that stuff. No one else would deliver and they didn’t want pizza. It was 2 against 1 and I caved. I wouldn’t meet the minimum for delivery alone.  I could have chosen to starve. I didn’t, I ordered wings with rice. Since then I will eat it now and then.

I think I am going back to no Chinese food. That shit was not cool. I should have taken a picture, or called someone or something.

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