13 —Favorite television show

I really don’t watch much television these days. Everything is new to me now. By the time I catch up with shows, I am usually extremely late. I actually used to watch alot  more television. It is so hard to watch anything with kids in the room. Everything is pretty much inappropriate, even the freaking commercials. I find myself constantly muting and changing the channel. I usually don’t even bother. I never used to notice most of what I see now.


I absolutely love Law and Order: SVU. That is my show; I love Olivia. I enjoy the The Food Network. I also love to watch Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. I like travel shows and food shows and his show covers both. You get to watch him go all over the world and just be himself. He seems really normal and down to earth.


  1. I was just kind of saying the same thing to my sister. I said, “I am not sure what we will do when we have kids cause TV is just bad these days” Everything is about sex and just nothing of value. It is just junk. I do like Law and Order though and who doesn’t enjoy the food network?


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