Sexually inappropriate Pt. 1

Have you ever been accused of being sexual inappropriate at work?

I have…

There was an absurd claim that I was sexually inappropriate with a female at my job. What? Excuse me? There was a girl who worked upstairs who was also a lesbian. We were friends; nothing more. She was attractive, but we never had sex, kissed or anything. The only thing we really had in common was lesbianism.

We had a big event coming up and NIKE and Gatorade were giving away sneakers and drinks to the youth. Anyway, everyone was sitting on the bleachers watching the “show.” You know how bleachers are? Well, I was sitting in front of her – kind of between her legs. So, it looked like she was about to do my hair. Can you picture it? She was sitting on the “step” above and I was right below.

Apparently, Mr. Man thought we were being lesbians. He decided to take this problem on his head and went to his supervisor. He told his direct supervisor, I was sitting on her lap. What? Why would I sit on her lap in – in the gym during an event? That was just ridiculous. His supervisor told him to put it in writing and they would discuss it with the Unit Director (my direct supervisor). He sent an email to my supervisor. In the email he stated the staff was inappropriate in front of the kids. I do not work directly with kids, but my organization is all about the children. I am usually in my office doing other things.

My supervisor called a meeting; we were not in the meeting. I usually do not attend meetings that have anything to do with the upcoming events with the children. I thought it was just a typical meeting. The meeting was called specifically to discuss this issue. My boss wanted to get to the bottom of what ever he was implying in his email; he was making all kind of digs in the email.

In the meeting he was going around exactly what he was trying to say. When asked directly “what are you talking about?”  He said something about the kids being negatively influenced and when asked for an example, he used us. What? SMH

He made up a complete lie! He said we were upstairs in one of the rooms and I was sitting on her lap. Why? Why would I do that when the room is full of chairs? It was a computer lab. There was no shortage of chairs. I am just going to bypass all those chars and sit my grown ass on this female’s lap, during work hours – at work? He said he had a pictures too – he never showed anyone these “pictures.”

I was pissed. My boss was not pleased – with him. She told him if he was going to say something like that, he would need proof. He claimed he had nothing against gay people. So, he just chooses to lie on 2 people who happen to be gay? Whatever. Mind you, I have never even had a conversation with my boss about being a lesbian. People know at my job because it has come up in conversation; or someone else told them. I do not get personal with my boss, so it never came up. Had she heard? I am pretty sure. That didn’t matter to me though.

My boss was not buying this story. The way he was dancing around the issue, afraid to say names, or offer proof,  did not rub her the right way. She knew this accusation could potentially become a big deal, and she needed to make sure it was worth it.


  1. Damn! That’s crazy sounds like my job where no one minds their business, and make up things for no other reason that they have nothing better to do and too much time on their hands.


  2. Wow … This made me mad, really mad. I’ll wait for the rest of the story. Did u see the link I posted to another blog in my last one (i followed you here from your comment on my blog) … One of the comments rang true; THIS is why people like us are frightened of coming out in work. Terrible.


  3. Wow! He has some serious issues. I feel what he has done calls for some serious disciplinary actions. He was unprofessional, immature and since he wants to bring morals into it IMMORAL. SMH Its fools like him that force us to keep our sexual preferences private.


  4. hmmm…this issss upsetting..thats some bullshit for u…

    He is just going to hang himself in the end..If that shit really did happen, more than one person would have seen it and reported it. Pictures??!??!? really…if he had pictures that would have been the first thing that he exposed..he’s a dumbass


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