Listening to….

Anthony Hamilton is one of my favorite artists.

His music is so nice and soft and I love his voice. He just seems honest in his music. I can not personally relate to all of his songs, but I still love them the same.

I have never left a relationship still wanting more. By the time it ends, I think it must have been clear that nothing more can be done. This is how I feel about all relatonships really.

I had one of his songs on my phone before and a woman I was seeing didn’t like it very much. I don’t remember the song – he has quite a few songs about a relationship gone bad. The song had something to do with being done wrong and still wanting the person –  or something like that. She felt like I still had a flame burning for someone. I loved the song, but I heard it so  much – I forgot what it was even about. So, when I actually listened to the song, I just laughed. She was right, it was pretty depressing. But, the song had nothing to do with me at all. It was funny to see how two people could look at things so differently though.

I actually think this may be the song.

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