True Reflections



When you are not happy with yourself, you cannot be happy with others.

Everyone comes into our life to mirror back to us some part of ourselves we cannot or will not see.  They show us the parts we need to work on or let go of.  They reveal to us the things we do and the effects they have on ourselves and others.  They say to us openly the things we say to ourselves silently.  They reveal to us the fears, doubts, weakness and character flaws we know we have but refuse to address or acknowledge.  We can usually see the faults of others very clearly.  We all have people in our lives who anger or annoy us, who rub us the wrong way.  They may create confusion or chaos.  They may bring pain and disruption. They may reject us, abandon us and create some sort of harm. Before we get busy trying to fix the person or remedy the situation, we should ask ourselves, Why is this person in my life?  What am I doing to draw this to myself?  When we cleanse, heal and bring ourselves into balance, everyone in our lives will do the same or disappear.

My relationships are true reflections of me.

From Acts of Faith 

by Iyanla Vanzant


  1. I love this from Iyanla. I receive her reflections every morning in my email. The reflections really make me think about a lot of things in my life.


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