I believe I am being…

…virtually stalked.

The Extra that  I have talked about previously is relentless. If you go back and read about my “Extra or EX,” I may be referring to this woman. Feel free to catch yourself up.

She is still texting me and I have no idea WHY! She sends the most ridiculous texts. *Shaking my head – right off my neck*

Let me just say that she has sent me dumb ass texts for months. Some of the foolishness texts include:

  • A picture that she took of my bed. When we were together she bought a comforter set and made the bed before I got home from work. She took a picture of her work. Well, she decided to send me the picture months later. She wrote “I remember setting this up for us, I just knew we were meant to be something special.” What? How did you know that? When exactly did you know that we were meant to be something special? How is that even possible when we have been broken up and no longer even speak. My guess is it didn’t work out and nothing special is going on.  Wait, maybe something special is going on in her “special head.” If you knew it was supposed to be so special, you should have acted right. Now, stop sending me dumb-shit.
  • A picture of us together. Yes, it is a cute pic. Okay. Why are you sending this to me now? You liked how we looked together? Again, why didn’t you act right? Delete the picture and move on.
  • I mailed some of her personal belongings to her house. Yes, I am a nice person. She sends a text with a picture of herself thanking me and letting me know if I feel up to it I can call her anytime. If I wanted to call, I would have called. Also, I do not need updated pictures. I know what you look like Ms. Maam. Again, if you wanted someone to be seeing your face, you should have acted right, tee hee.
  • After never calling or responding I get a text with her new number. Really? I don’t need it. That is the point where I had to say something. I told her that I did not need the number and I wasn’t going to call. She lets me know that she sent the text to her whole call log, and she will delete my number, and I should “take care.” Ok cool. No response needed, I figured we were clear.
  • A very random number texts me telling about how bad the storm was the other day; hurricane Irene passed through. I didn’t know who it was because of the area code. The text: “Storm is bad and there is a lot of flooding. So, if I don’t respond, I am not ignoring you, it is just taking a while to send and receive texts.”  If she doesn’t respond, she is not ignoring me?  What the heck is going on in the world? Anyway, it was a late night text and it didn’t make sense to me. I was sleeping and I asked “Who is this.” She goes “Did that text go thru?” Maam, stop playing. It must have went through if I asked who sent the friggin text.  She says it was her and blah blah blah. Telling me she knows she needs to stop and she hates to bother me. But, she wanted to let me know she was sincere in missing me and the kids. She also let me know “This is my latest number, but it will probably change.” Again, if you cared that damn much….yall know the rest. Why am I constantly updated with her number? I have yet to call. No, I called one time, right after we broke up. She had called and texted and I figured I would hear her out. Wrong move. She just made me mad and I decided no more time should be wasted. I deleted or blocked her from everything I could think of. I wanted to just move on in a better direction. I am a 100 percent happy with my choice. We could not work, and because of her behavior she doesn’t get the right to be my friend. I am an awesome friend with great advice, conversation, and jokes. I don’t think I should waste all of that on her. I could be using that time on a new woman.
  • Then I get a “HBD” text a few days later. It was not my birthday and my daughter’s birthday had recently passed. My birthday is 2 weeks after my daughter’s. I am not sure who that was directed to, or what it was even about. Did she forget the dates and just threw a “HBD” out there just to be “safe?” Either way – no response.
  • This is the one I received today: “Hey, quick question. What is the name of that nasty medicine that clears sinuses and stuff? I think it is white, I am not feeling well.” Okay, I promise you I am not mean. BUT, why on earth would I gave 2 shits about her sinuses?

Is it me? Is this not extra? She has sent other dumb-ass text before too. Telling me about her period, her moving, all kinda foolishness. I have no idea how you just text someone out of no where with this shit. We do not speak. I mean – at all. Why would I need to know or see any of the above. I am so confused. What should I do now? I ignore. I responded by saying I am not interested in seeing you or obtaining your new contact information. What next? I am thinking she is crazy now. I have never gone through this before. How long does this last?

Usually my break ups are drama free for the most part. There may be some contact initially, but that dies down quick. I don’t like to drag shit out. I talk to some of my exes after, but it depends on what happened and how soon. I have never dealt with someone just talking to themselves for months. I wouldn’t do that shit. If I try for a little and nothing happens, I am going to fall back and leave you alone. Maybe, somewhere down the road we will talk again, but I am not on any stalker shit.

I do not like ex-drama. This isn’t drama, but it is very strange to me. Maybe, it’s me? I surely would not agree with that notion. I know women who play these games with women for ever. Not me. I have shit to do.  The women who loves to talk about how much their ex can’t or won’t let go. No, Hun, you won’t let go of the ex. You like the drama and the attention. I love attention – from the woman I am with romantically. I don’t need random attention or exes giving me attention.


  1. Yes Mr. Number Call block allows you to block text or calls. But I kinda get a thrill out of watching them squirm. I like to read the text but not respond when you block them you don’t get a preview of the text. Hmmm I could see how this would be quite annoying. Thanks for stopping by my blog.



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