Hey…Hello…How are you…How is the day going…

I am one of those people who will give you a “head-nod” sometimes. I don’t always feel like talking, especially if we cross paths a lot. I am friendly, but not overly-ridiculous-you-are-so-freaking-annoying-friendly. Get it? I say hello, I speak. I am friendly with the people in my building. I know in NY a lot of us will see a person for ever and never open our mouths. I had to get myself out of that just a bit. I feel like I am a single mom living in NYC, I should talk to these people. What if something ever happened to me or my kids? I don’t want people to say “fuck her, she never speaks.” These are my neighbors and I want to feel safe. No, I won’t be the one that you wish you didn’t bump into though. A quick, “Hey or How are you” is enough. If someone smiles at me or says hello in a non-creepy way, I will also reciprocate with a warm smile.

At work? No, I am not going to say hello every time I see you. I saw you and you saw me already. Cut it out. I hate that person that always wants to talk, when you really don’t want to talk and barely know them. Find a friend lol.

No, I will not nod and speak to every single person I see on the street. I am so busy trying to not step in shit, I really can’t lose focus. I have a real issue with dog shit, and not stepping in it. It is almost a phobia at this point.

My daughter is a Friendly-Friday and it can be annoying. If she sees someone she “knows” she will be all loud and ridiculous about saying hi. I start squeezing her hand and telling her to stop IT on the low. Like geez, you don’t let a mofo notice you? You always gotta be acting like a fan? lol

I think I balance it out fine. I speak to the more important people more often, and less to the other people. I smile, I nod, and even have conversations.

When I lived in Georgia, I thought “damn, it seems like a lot of people know me from somewhere” because people were always saying hi to me. Little did I know – they did not know me and they were just friendly. Friendly? What was that? In Brooklyn, we did not talk to strangers. Period. Maybe people in the neighborhood, but damn sure not people on the train or elevators etc. I am  a lot friendlier now, mainly because you don’t always have to be like that. I swear I lived in the same place for many years, grew up there, and if someone other than a schoolmate knew my name, I would be totally surprised.


  1. I have a co-worker who speaks to me EVERY time he sees me, and for some reason it pisses me the hell off. I take the roundabout way so as not to have him speak to me a million times.


    1. Oh, I am not the only one that avoids the serial talker? Great! There is a woman that used to work at my job before I started and she is the most annoying ever. She told me every time she saw me, she used to work here, she knows everything, she is this and that. Okay, you have caught me up. Now just wave Maam. I used to cross the street if I saw her outside. She has since learned that I am not interested and calms the shit down.


  2. I hate the work hello, and I also hate the exact same people that need to know “how’s it going” each and every time they see me. I’ve started just replying with an extremely quick ‘same’ – but I doubt they get the point.


  3. Yea, I’m from California and I feel the same way. One of my best friends gets a kick out of holding conversations with complete strangers but I’m more of a “stranger-danger” kinda person. My boss urks my nerves because EVERY morning he calls in and says the same thing “Goooodd Morning, How are you today?” I’m like same as yesterday :/


  4. Oh wow, I’d probably annoy you all. I’m not overly friendly but I’m from the south and we say ” good morning”, “hello”, “hi” and all that good stuff. But I will say now two years in California I have a little more rude freedoms I don’t have to talk when I don’t feel like being bothered or be nice when I don’t want to be. But I’m usually in high spirits. Lol



  5. LMAO, you sound like my girl, she doesn’t really like talking to people either. And she always talks about how we go somewhere there’s always someone that knows me,or people speak to me before they speak to her. I don’t really say much to people especially early in the morning.


  6. Oh this is funny as hell that we have the same type of post. KMSL!! Hi, My name is Reality and I’m a serial speaker! I’m like my lil sis SincerelyGo, I just can’t walk passed someone and not say something or make some sort of gesture to acknowledge them. Sorry guys! 🙂


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