We are just friends…

My last post reminds me of an ex of my own.

We dated for about 6 months, You know how fast “some” lesbians move. She used to talk about her “EX” all the time. I mean all the freaking time. The ex this and that – constantly. They were now “just friends” though. Mhmm Chile. They were together for 2 years and the ex was also close to the sister. Fine. The ex still came over – to see the sister though. *Side eye*

The ex had a new girl who didn’t like my girlfriend. Geez, wonder why? The ex talked about my girl just as much btw. She asked me to be her girlfriend after a few months and then we upgraded to a relationship. We had already passed “Go” on the sex thing. One day out of nowhere,  I asked her if she had sex with anyone else while we were “dating.” She was very into the labeling of the relationship.There were clear steps when you dated this woman. We were clear when we were just “talking” then “dating” then “relationship.” I actually thought it was a good thing.

The answer to my question was “why does that matter?” and “We were just dating.” I told her I just wanted to know. I was getting the impression that it doesn’t count if were weren’t officially girlfriends. Once we start having sexual relations – it counts. I think that is the point where you mention you are dating, seeing, or  screwing other people. That gives me the opportunity to decide if I want to be one of those people – No?

The real answer: YES, she slept with someone before she asked me to be her girl. I probed a bit more and found out it was that ex. We brokeup.com lol. I was done. I felt betrayed. I didn’t want to play word games. After the 1st time we had sex, she slept with the ex that same weekend. I think we were intimate on that Monday and by Saturday she was in her panties again. Yes, I was pissed.

Her rationale? She was still sleeping with her because she didn’t want to just sleep with someone else. After the 1st time we had sex, she did not know what was going to happen with us, so she kept sleeping with the ex. Once she knew that she wanted to be with me, she cut if off with the ex. She let the ex know she was going to make it official with me and the sex between them had to stop. Then and only then did she ask me to be her girlfriend. I was thinking: Bitch Hush.

She really did not see why I was upset. Mind you, we talked about dating other people and we both said NO to that idea. In her mind the ex was just a friend. They weren’t in a relationship or anything. *RME* The best part you ask? She didn’t go down on her, she only used the strap. Bye.Bitch.Bye. You ate her pussy and you need to stop telling lies. She claimed they had an agreement. The agreement? They would continue to have sex, but only with the dick. Who they hell signs that agreement? That is a stupid-ass agreement lol. She was eating it and beating it and what ever the hell else they were doing for the last 2 years.

I decided to see how much this “platonic friendship” meant and gave her an ultimatum. That ship sank real quick. She said she had been there for her and she would not stop talking to her friend. I did not care that they supposedly stopped having sex, or the that we were just dating, I wanted no parts of this deal. We did remain friends a short while later though. How? I didn’t care enough to stress myself out. We still spoke here and there, not best friends or anything. No sex. I saw her maybe 3x for the year. She pretty much called me to tell me why her new relationships didn’t work.

The games some women play…


  1. I was on the same boat with The Banker. Whilst we were seeing each other, she was sleeping with X amount of people. she got upset when i asked her…I thought i had a right to know who she is sleeping with if it also involves me. you know? that is why i broke things off…i just couldn’t see myself being just another side chick.


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