People really kill me…

Lesbians really kill me.

I was on Facebook and I like to read the anonymous advice given to the fellow lesbians. Someone had a question about being friends with an ex after the relationship. The poster had been hurt during the relationship, but now wants to establish a friendship. Apparently the EX wants a friendship too. Why wouldn’t she? My advice was to slow down. It seemed like the relationship was still fresh, and if she was already hurt, she may want to slow down a bit on the friendship for now.

She basically wanted to know if she was being delusional about a friendship actually working.

Someone gave this advice:

“it will work trust me me & my ex are best friends but we also have sex i love her & she loves me but give it time it will work”

This is the shit that gets on my last nerve with women. No, not the grammar – I am not the grammar police. It is the fact this is actually being called a best friend situation. How on earth is that a best friend? That is an ex that you are still fucking – No? Women kill me. Why can’t they call a spade a spade?

These are the same women who will bring their “best friend” around and not even mention she is an ex. Not to mention they are still screwing. Lies. All lies.


  1. Oh my, you have hit the nail on the head with this post! I cannot stand when women do this. I believe you can be friends with an ex, but only after your feelings have healed. I am only friends with one ex, and that is my ex-wife.
    I definitely agree with you about women being shady and screwing exes and introducing them as “best friends”. The new boo will never be the wiser. So sad how shady people can be!


  2. I think each to their own… what works for one lot might not work for the other… do as you wish but don’t give the same advice to other people…

    yeah i agree some people are really shady…


  3. I tried being “best friends” with an ex (who didn’t sleep with my anymore, btw) and it sucked because I kept hoping she would “wake up” and fall back in love with me.

    So yeah. You can’t be friends with an ex until you are 100% over them. That’s my take.


  4. It takes a long time for me to consider being friends after a break up, especially if it was bad, and the ex was the one that f*cked up. I hate when people introduce ex’s as friends, best friends and cousins. Like no bitch! Say this is so and so and at some point we were dating.


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