I will never forget…

My mom used to work with an old woman who lived to be 101. I think that was the age; I know she passed a hundred.

My mom took care of  her for some years. One day she had something she needed to take are of, so she asked if I could stay with Ms. Lambe until she got back. I was cool with the idea. She told me where the food was and what time to heat up her lunch. Got it.

I was there all day, and I barely did anything for this woman. She went and took her own shower and everything. I thought I had to give her a bath. Nope, Ms. Lambe gathered her things and took her own shower. She had a seat in her tub and she just sat down and did her thing. I think I may have helped her pull her shirt down. That is it. I put her meal in the microwave and cleared the table.

She knew exactly what she wanted to do and what shows she wanted to watch on tv. After a while she retired to her bedroom and went to sleep very early. I really couldn’t believe a woman at her age was so full of life. I loved it. I watched her and I listened as well.

She said one thing to me over and over and I will never forget. It was “life is hard, but God is good.” Such a simple sentence that had such meaning.

Isn’t it so true? Life is hard. There is a lot you will go through. Sometimes you will feel like you don’t know how you are going to make it through. Everything works out somehow. When I think of that line, I always know everything will be just fine.

I will always remember that woman and the little bits of wisdom she left behind.

“Life is hard, but God is good…”


  1. I think if more of us remembered that one line we would do a lot less complaining, and life would be so much easier. Thanks for this “aha moment”.


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