Day 08: Talk about the cuteness of your pets.

This is an easy one! I don’t have pets!

The only pets that I ever had as an adult are fish. Just fish. I actually really like fish.

They are so easy to maintain. I do not have fish of my own right now, but my cousin has her fish at my apartment. I am actually terrible with her fish. I am much better with my own. I

I am going to get a new tank, a cute corner tank. When I get one, I will tell you all about the cuteness of my pet.

I did have dogs when we lived on Long Island. We had 4 dogs and they were cool. They were outside dogs for the most part. We brought them in if there was bad weather or for baths in the winter. Other than that, they were in the yard. They were rarely ever tied up or anything. Our dogs were pretty good except one, he bit people. She used to terrorize joggers. I am not sure what she was going through, but it really wasn’t nice for her to treat people so badly.

I am not a big animal person in general. Dogs are okay, I could have one. I could not own a cat. I actually want a lizard – a bearded dragon. I would probably get a bird too, if I knew it wasn’t going to bite me.

I really rambled on, huh?

Hush, I am trying allow you to know me better, Uh kay!

Talk to me!

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