Fed-Ex came back again…

I am pretty sure after the third attempt he will have to go get that package or something.

He asked if Fed-Ex came back and I told him yes, and they left another slip. He goes “why do they keep leaving slips, was the building closed?” I said “No, he said you had to sign for it, and it looked like a personal package. It was a small box.” I had to laugh at my self for describing the box that I saw and did not accept.

He seemed like he wanted to say something. Like, “Bitch I know you are refusing to sign for my shit.” Instead he just said he was going to give them a call. I just said “Yea, I told them you come in after one.”

He needs to bring his ass in earlier or call to set up a more convenient time for delivery.

Oh, I must tell you guys why I don’t care for him in general. I will post soon.

P.S.: He subscribes to homophobia.


    1. Well, there was a 3rd attempt and I did not take the package. They asked for my name, they wanted to write who refused the package. Why would I want to write my down on anything? If that was the case, wouldn’t I just sign my name and take the package? Silly Fed-Ex guy.


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