No, I won’t sign for that package…

There is a guy at my job who always has his packages shipped to the job. That is fine and dandy. He has his own business and this job, so some of the things are personal or relating to his business. I used to sign for his packages and just give them to him. I have changed my mind. There have been times were he says he is missing things. He has gone on and on about people “stealing” things. I am not saying people don’t steal, they do, I just don’t want to be a part of any of it.

He claimed “someone” stole basket ball jerseys, pants, trophies etc. All of that stuff has the name of his sports business written right on it. Why would someone want to steal that? This is not NBA gear. I just I did not think people would even want that stuff. But, who am I to assume what people want and don’t want. Over a holiday weekend a few months back he claimed someone must have come into the building to “steal” his property. Now I had contact our security alarm people to see exactly who was in the building and when. Guess what? He was the only one in the building unauthorized. He had no permission to be in the building anyway. I told my boss my findings and she let him know. She has told him over and over not to have his shit mailed here and he needs permission to be on the premises.

Anyway, a short time later he found all his crap. He claimed the guys that he had working with him miscounted. There was another miscounting situation after that one. I decided that I was not signing for his packages after that ordeal. He made me waste my damn time. I had to wait 48 hours to get a log of who was in the building. I had to confirm everyone’s code, and sit on the phone for a long-ass time. Only to prove that he “stole” his own shit. Yea, it wasn’t that big of a deal, but I could be blogging or something. =)

I told him from now on I would not sign for his packages, if he was expecting something he would have to be here to get it. Who does he think he is? Blah.

If I did sign for his packages, I would sign his name. I do not want to be held accountable for anything that goes missing. That was a favor to him in my opinion. I could just tell the people “NO” and let them take it back on the truck. Well, today I did just that. I signed his name and the driver said that I could not do that lol. He said he will have to leave a slip, because he had to “cover his ass.” He claimed someone did the same thing before and the person never received their package and reported it to FED-EX. I can dig it. So, he took the package back and gave me a slip. A slip that I will give to Mr. Man later.

I know he is going to look at me like “Damn, you couldn’t sign for it?” Nope.

I am not an asshole, right? Right?


  1. I think you handled it exactly how you should have. You don’t work for him. Plus the safest way to not be held responsible for something is to never take responsibility for it in the beginning. He can get his own personal assistant or have it sent somewhere pertaining to the business. He sounds like the ass lol.


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