Day 04: Your favorite book.

I want to write a book and I want that to be my favorite book.

When I read:

It made me want to write. I just felt like I could do it too.

Anyway, I enjoyed this book.

It was funny because my life was a bit similar to “Winter” in the book. She was from Brooklyn, but she was out on Long Island during those teen years. I think we lived in the “same” neighborhood too. I didn’t have such a hard and crazy life in Brooklyn though. My life was pretty regular, I guess.

Good read folks.


  1. I have wanted to pick up the sequel as well, although I read ‘Winter’ YEARS ago and don’t even remember the original plot.
    If believe we can ALL write a book…not many people push hard enough to make that a reality though…


  2. I read this book when it first came out, and I absolutely loved it. A little while after Sister Souljah spoke at the University that I now attend, and I found her to be a phenomenal woman. Have you read her new book Midnight?


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