Some parents should wait to have children

I think people who wait longer to have children are often better parents. Yes, I said it. This does not mean young parents are bad, many are great. I am just noticing a lot of these parents that are killing and/or hurting their children are usually younger. Younger meaning under 25 years old.

A 22-year-old mother was facing child abuse charges Friday after police say she glued her toddler daughter’s hands to a wall, kicked her in the stomach and beat her over a potty training issue. Glue and paint were stuck to Joselyn’s palms, and  skin had torn away in places. Joselyn Cedillo, 2, was on life support with multiple internal injuries at a Dallas hospital Thursday.

Joselyn’s mother, Elizabeth Escalona, was crying and hysterical when she called her own mother Wednesday morning from her Dallas apartment, according to police records. The records show that when the grandmother arrived at the apartment, her granddaughter was unconscious on the floor. She took her to the hospital.

One of the girl’s brothers said their mother kicked the child in the stomach and beat her with a belt and shoe, according to police records.

Another sibling said she couldn’t sleep during the night because she heard her mother yelling and the girl crying. She said Joselyn had been having difficulty with potty training. She said Escalona dragged Joselyn by her feet from the kitchen to another part of the apartment, put glue on her hands and stuck them to the wall.

“This is beyond abuse,” said Dallas police Sgt. Brenda Nichols. “This is torture.”

A pediatrician said the girl had “severe life-threatening head and internal injuries” and was in a coma, according to police records.

Escalona is being held on $500,000 bond on a felony injury to a child charge that carries a sentence of up to life in prison. Her attorney didn’t immediately return a phone call from the AP seeking comment.

Child Protective Services has taken custody of the girl and her three siblings.



  1. I’ve never understood why on Earth anyone thinks that shouting and screaming at your child is going to somehow “program” them with the ability to use the potty. If anything, it’s going to make them regress, cause more accidents. It’s going to make them scared.

    And there is never any justification for abusing your child. Never. Potty training can be frustrating, but you sign up to frustrations when you have a child. It’s a wonderful, terrifying, frustrating thing and all you can ever hope is that you don’t make too many mistakes.

    And of course, mistakes are made. But gluing your child’s hands to the wall, beating them into a coma, these aren’t mistakes. That’s abuse and if you’re capable of doing it to your child, there’s something horribly wrong with you. If you’re capable of that, you’re not fit to look after a goldfish, much less have children.

    Fortunately, I’ve read reports saying that Joselyn came out of the coma after two days and there was no lasting physical damage. I hope that she and her siblings are placed with a family who will give them a childhood worth remembering. Every child should be able to look back and be able to find happy memories without having to look. Too many children can’t.


  2. What’s crazy to me is that she has other children. I hope this woman never see them again. I think one reason why older parents may be better at parenting is because they have actually grown and become adults and understand what patience and teaching is. Two thing you need to understand in order to raise children.


  3. I believe there are much more effective ways to parent and discipline. Recently, I have heard an alarming amount of parents killing their children through “discipline”… it’s about time examples are made of them.


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