Day 2: The last thing that made you cry.

I really don’t remember the last thing that made me cry. It was probably something I saw on television. I love movies that make me cry. I know that may sound weird, but that means it is a helluva movie. I am not ashamed about it either. I will be sitting right next to you and I will be on my full boo hoo.

I am not necessarily a crier,  but I have my moments. I think I seem harder than I am. You have to really know me, because most things have no effect on me and won’t phase me in the least. I am not overly emotional, but somethings really get to me and I will cry.

I was reading the paper the other day and a woman was shot and killed in the Bronx. I was tearing up on the train. I have cried reading things; It could be the paper or a book. Anyway, I felt so sad for the woman. She had children and they just shot and killed her by accident. A stray bullet killed her right around her way. Her man was so devastated. They showed a picture of him crying on the sidewalk. I almost broke down. I am tearing up as I type. Things like that really hit me. The police had to walk to her building and ask if anyone knew who she was. Her children were outside at the time. She had 4 children, and she was just gone. Why must people act in this fashion? Senseless!


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