You guys are so cheap…

Yes, you! I really have some nerve, huh?

People will say no to the smallest increase in price. They will go to the store and spend $50, then decide they need one more thing that cost $.99 and they will flip out like someone is physically robbing them.

You know how it is:”99 cents?” “I am not paying 99 cents for that, no way, no how!” “It used to be 69 cents, yall went up? “That’s crazy!” “They are robbing people out here!” “No, forget it, I am not going to get it, can I just have my change and my receipt?” Then they start telling who ever they came with that they raised the price and they should go to another store 10 blocks away.

LMAO!!! It is just a dollar people damn! You guys are so cheap. =)

Lemme stop, that is some mess I would  probably do! *Hehe*

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