Jobless people…

…really kill me.

This lady just said “excuse me miss, do you happen to have a quarter?” I wanted to say “no, I don’t happen to have a quarter, I went to work and they paid me.”

But, I decided to just pretend I didn’t hear the woman. I AM NOT TRYING TO FUCK WITH PEOPLE WHO DON’T HAVE A QUARTER. If you know like I know, you would keep your thoughts to yourself too! Mofo aint got nothing to lose.

I remember someone asked me for money once; this was a relative though. I told her I did not have it. She proceeded to ask me why? Huh? Excuse me? I need to explain to you why I don’t have the money you need? Something about that was backwards to me. She should be telling me why she needed my money and why she didn’t have her own.

People say the darndest things.

Side note: I do not think unemployment is a joke.


  1. one of my exes use to have crazy run-ins with the homeless….one time she decided to be nice (which was rare) and bought this homeless guy a sandwich from subway because he claim he needed 5 bucks cause he was “starving”…so she went an got him a 6 inch turkey and cheese on wheat…instead of saying “Thank you” he cursed her out and was like..”why the hell did you get me a damn turkey and cheese?”..”I like more meat than that”..then he complained about the wheat bread… threw the sandwich on the ground..and walked away…I just want to know why the hell do they feel like they are entitled to shit?!?!…

    Back in the day when businesses used paper applications (technology is a bitch sometimes) I used to fold up 2 applications for two different jobs and put it in an envelope…then when someone would beg me for money .. I would hand them the envelope and drive off…they swore it was money in those envelopes…not to say that I wont drop a dollar here or there for someone who is in need…but if they are able to be a greeter at Walmart..I don’t feel sorry for their lazy the f*ck I feel like getting up at 5:30am five times out of the week…smh.


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