It is so draining to be around…

It is really a bummer to be around someone who complains every single time you make contact. Really? Is that really how you want to spend your days? Just complaining about every damn thing?

Don’t get my wrong, I complain too and have gripes too. I just don’t want to do that all the time. I usually try to put a positive spin on it, if I can. I try to fix the problem. I try to think about ways to not make the same mistakes. We all make mistakes, but we should really try to learn from them. Or, I could just keep my mouth shut and blog to the whole world lol.

Some people really just want to be negative and complain. That is all. No solution, no action, nada. They have no intentions to change a thing or to learn anything. That shit drives me crazy!

It is so hard to keep talking to someone who has no intentions of doing anything about their issues. Issues, that they normally put themselves in. When you offer a solution it is met with a bunch of negative reasons why it won’t work. Geez, try something! Maybe doing something different will give you a different outcome. Sometimes they just find new shit to complain about each day. Things that really aren’t a problem and have very easy solutions. Who needs solutions? *Rolling my eyes*

Those same people wonder why people don’t want to be around them all the time. It is because they are emotional Vampires. They suck everything out of you! It is so draining. I try to limit my time with such people, I just can’t take it. They have the nerve to wonder why they have such “bad luck” or why nothing good happens to them. How can it? They do not appreciate the things that they already have and think so negatively about life.

I just try to listen and not say anything. I know they do not want to hear what I have to say. I know they don’t plan on taking my advice. I know they plan on doing the same shit they have done. So, why bother?

Actually, I found something that kind of works. What ever they say, I just say me too. *Hehe* They don’t want to hear that shit, they have no interest is hearing your problems. You are actually stealing their thunder. They have come to love the idea that they have the worst life. When they say “I am so depressed.” I say “me too.”  When they say this and that happened, I say the same thing happened to me lol. They hate that shit and shut up haha.

Yea, you can call me Mr. Me Too!


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