That thing at the end of a sentence…

People say when you spend a significant amount of time with your significant other, you will start getting your periods at the same time. That is if you’re both women.  Do you think that is true? I think so.

With my last girlfriend, my period started moving closer and closer to hers. If we were still together…we would definitely have it at the same time. Probably wouldn’t start on the same day or anything, but there would be some over lap.

Why does that happen? They even say if you live in the same house with a woman (could be family or anyone) you will start to have your period at the same time. That happened when I lived with relatives as well.

Isn’t that weird?

While I am on the topic of Dumb-ass-Aunt-Flow.

Do you find your self knowing exactly when your girl is going to have her period? I do. I never ever remember my shit. I always act like I didn’t know it was coming or something. Like “Damnnnnn, I got my period!” Funny thing is my shit is regular as shit. Never late. Unless I am pregnant of course. So, why am I surprised monthly? I will never know.

When I am with someone I am thinking “Oh, she is about to get hers in a few days.” Or “Damn, I better see her this weekend because I know her shit is coming.” LOL. Ask me when is mine coming? I have to start remembering like it was years since I last had one, or I start looking for calendars. You would think that this wasn’t even my body.

Do you think it is better to get it at the same time as your partner? Or is it better separate? I used to say it was better to get it at the same time. That way were both on it and were both off it at the same time. One week no sex and 3 weeks of sex. Then, I was thinking damn, maybe it is better to have them separately. That way someone can still get some. Right?

Tell me what you think ladies.


  1. Cycles becoming syncronized is sooooo true…(although I dont think that there are any proven theories)..

    I become a junk food craving…sensitive acting..OCD having…irritated monster during those four to five days of misery…having separate cycles can prevent a lot of drama. At least the partner who isn’t on can “try” to soothe the bleeding dragon.

    When it comes to sex…I dont know about anyone else..but I am soooooooooooo horny when I am on…call me nasty..but I enjoy a little four play..if my girl is on ..most likely she will be embarrassed if the relationship is fresh..acting all shy and grossed out about the idea of “doin it” during that time of the month..but after a while ..i be like “just rub it” lmao ..if she is on I be like “girl you better go take a shower and pop a tamp in that thing”… cause shit… I have needs that shouldn’t be put on “pause” because of aunt dot….


  2. I must admit, I’d never thought about it and certainly haven’t noticed it with my gf and I. I must ask – and I will.

    From a personal point of view, it is a good thing if it really does happen; both can be in a bad mood at the same time!


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