The Bus…

…gets on my nerves.

The bus drivers have really been riding my-ever-so-calm-nerves lately. There has been 2 occasions were a bus tried to drive past me while standing at the bus stop. Why? Why would they do this to me? They know the next bus is going to take 20 minutes! There have been times when the bus actually did not stop at all. I mean, I am waving and all of that mess. Once, I had my kids with me and my daughter was  yelling for the bus to stop too. Then she asked why did he just leave us. I was beyond pissed. The bus that I have to take to and from work is not a bus you want to miss. Ever.

The 2 times when they actually stopped, I gave them a piece of my mind. The first time as soon as I got on the bus, I asked “why do you think I was standing there?” “Did you think I choose to stand on the corner in the middle of no where for no reason?” I was soo annoyed. I shouldn’t have to wave the bus down like a cab. I am not hitch hiking. I paid $104 for this metro card darn-it!

In my mind all I could think is: This is the stop, I am standing here, so please fucking stop the bus!

The second time I was almost passed was a few weeks ago. This time I was mad! Pissed! It was after midnight and I knew the bus would take a while to come.

I am standing at the bus stop talking to my friend and the bus just drives past us. I saw that he wasn’t slowing down, so I waved frantically. I did not want to walk home or wait for another bus. He did not stop. He saw me!!! The next bus stop wasn’t that far, but I was so mad that I didn’t feel like running. But, he was at the bus stop for longer than usual. My friend said “he is waiting for you, you should run.” I reluctantly ran to catch the bus. As soon as I got there, he pulled off. I banged on the side of the bus, and he did not stop. You know I was tight. Then he goes to the next stop and my pissed off ass ran again to catch this damn bus. This time he realizes I am not going away I assume, because it almost seemed like he waited for me.

As soon as I got on the bus I said “You didn’t see me?” “Why did you keep passing me?” “Didn’t you hear me banging on the bus? “I hurt my hand!” I know you saw me waving at the BUS STOP!” Oh, I was livid guys. I was so mad that I didn’t even swipe my metro card. I have a monthly unlimited, so I didn’t save any money, but I just refused to swipe. I dared him to say something. SAY SOMETHING! lol

I was standing with my arms folded and face scrunched up for the whole ride. He apologized to me and what more could I say?

I ended up laughing while on that same bus. He had the nerve to laugh with me too. No, don’t laugh at what I am laughing at! lol


  1. lmao..this was too funny..I couldnt hold in my laughter. I know my supervisor was probably thinking “wth is so funny???”.. cause its mad quiet in here. Ahh I have had my share of bus incidents too.


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