Voice of the people (NY Daily News)

As I was reading the paper, I noticed there is a hater among us!!!

The guy (Michael Massa) thinks that the government should go after the people who register their cars in Pennsylvania. I get it. I really do. But, shut the hell up. Snitches get stitches! I don’t have a car at the moment and never registered in PA, but I understand why people do it. NYC is outrageously expensive! If you can get away with it, why the hell not? It is so expensive to register, insure and maintain a car out here. Lets not forget that you can barely park ANYWHERE! Which means more tickets and you will still need to have a metro card.

I do understand this guy’s aggravation, but I am guessing he has the resources to do everything by the books. I am sorry Mr. Massa (really his name) although the city is going broke, a lot of PEOPLE are already broke.

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