The one time I went back with an Extra…

As I was writing about my Extra, I remembered the one time I actually gave a woman a second chance. No Bueno!

If it didn’t work the first time…don’t bother.

This was about maybe 9 years ago…

She was in college at the time and she used to tell me about this “straight” girl in her class. She mentioned this girl a lot. I used to listen and just take mental notes. She always had something to tell me about this girl. Why? But, I let people talk. Doesn’t mean she wants to fuck her or anything, right? Please, some of these lesbians are horny as all-get-out and just trifling. I wasn’t really feeling it, because it was obviously a crush that was going on.

She failed to tell me one major thing in my book. They had lunch. I know, I know–It is just food. But, Still! Why didn’t she blab that right away? MMhmmm. So, she must have thought she told me or something. She mentioned it way after the fact. I was pissed. I felt a way about that damn lunch. What made it worst? She lied and said she had never seen her outside of class. Then one day she was blabbing about the girl and mentioned they were having lunch. Huh? Oh, now you just be eating with bitches? LOL.

I am not jealous or crazy acting (too cool actually) but I do not like people trying to play me! What made it worst? She put me on hold one day and I held. I was holding for a longggggggg-ass time. Do you know who was on the other line? Yea, home-girl. I didn’t even know she had her number.

I broke up with her…


I can not deal with thinking if your cheating, will cheat, lying,will lie again etc. Eff it. We should just stop it right here, because I was no longer comfortable in my relationship.

Was I wrong?

She cried and cried and begged me to get back together. I refused. I thought she was a liar and secretive. We broke up for a couple of months and she would still call etc. She really thought we could make it work and give it another chance. I just didn’t want to…

One night at about 3 am she called me crying. She apologized for lying and basically needed me to take her back. She would be open and honest etc. She was really crying on the phone. I felt bad. Maybe, I overreacted? Well, I decided to give her another chance. I asked her if she had slept with anyone while we apart, she said no and I hadn’t either. I thought mayyyyyybe we could pick up where we left off.

Everything was going smooth. One night we went out to eat; It was a nice evening. I wanted to just pick her up and take her out for a nice date. We started talking as I drove her home. I don’t remember what we were talking about, but I remember her laughing to herself. Of course I asked “why are you laughing?” She said “nothing.” I obviously knew she wasn’t crazy and something was funny. I kept asking and she told me that I would get mad. Why would I get mad at something funny? I am not crazy. So, she goes “when we broke up, I met this girl *snickering*. I went to her house and she was going down on me *snickering*. I kinda started laughing when she was eating me. *more lol’ing*” Okay yall! What the fuck was so funny? I didn’t crack a smile, you would have thought I didn’t have no damn teeth, because I wasn’t showing not ONE. I kept looking at the road, because I felt anger brewing. I didn’t want her to stop talking though. I asked “when was this?” She said “remember the night I called you crying?” Did I remember? That was the fucking night I decided to take her back.

I asked “where is the funny part?” She said it was “funny because, I just couldn’t take her seriously.” I was still not laughing. Then she goes “but we weren’t together then and I couldn’t even let the girl finish. I just couldn’t stop thinking about you. I was thinking about you while she was eating me out. I started crying because I missed you so much. I just got up and left. I couldn’t finish. That is when I called you. I missed you and I love you so much.” WHAT DID SHE JUST SAY? I know she didn’t think I was supposed to feel good about her thinking about me when another girl was eating her pussy.

I was furious! I could not believe her! She told me she did not sleep with ANYONE when we broke up. I was under the impression that the pussy was untainted and still mine. She let someone else in? What? I didn’t sleep with a soul. I felt like grabbing her head and slamming it right into the windshield, but I am not violent. So, that didn’t happen. But, if I believed in domestic violence, she would have been thrown out of the car onto the street. I should have at least put her ass out. I didn’t. I still took her home.

I was sooooooooooooo mad. She just couldn’t understand why. After all, “we weren’t together.” Bullshit! She lied to me–again. What if that girl gave her something, and she didn’t even tell me that she slept with someone else? I am happy she didn’t give me shit! Plus, she said “she didn’t do anything to the girl.” Who knows.  Yea, I was done.

She called my mother crying and saying I didn’t want her anymore — correct. She “loved” me so much! Mmhmm, chile. She popped up unannounced to my mom’s house crying and all kinda nonsense. My mother had the nerve to tell me to let her in. No, you let her ass in. She let her in *rolling my eyes* I was done and she wasted her trip.

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