Mother avoids jail for ‘using box cutter and pliers to circumcise three-month-old son at home..

A mother who tried to circumcise her three-month-old son at home after reading the Old Testament and watching YouTube videos has been sentenced to five years of probation.

Keemonta Peterson, from Portland, avoided jail after pleading guilty to first-degree criminal mistreatment – despite allegedly leaving her baby son bleeding for two hours before calling emergency services.

The 30-year-old mother of four must also undergo mental health treatment after Multnomah County Circuit Judge Eric Bergstrom told her ‘the reality is you love your children and had absolutely no intent to harm your child’.

Peterson called 911 and the boy was rushed to a hospital last October after her botched effort left the infant bleeding uncontrollably and in intense pain.

She said she was inspired to carry out the DIY operation at her home after reading the Bible.

According to an arrest report Peterson began the operation at midnight using a box cutter knife as a scalpel and the pliers as a tourniquet.

When the bleeding would not stop on the botched operation she tried to stitch up the wound while her distressed 13-year-old son watched.

After two hours of ‘uncontrolled’ bleeding Peterson called paramedics.

Her son, who has not been named, was listed in critical condition but has since made a full recovery following the October incident.

Following her arrest Peterson told detectives she decided on the DIY circumcision as hospitals in Portland will not carry out the operation of boys older than four weeks.

Peterson was arrested in May and charged with first and second degree assault.

Her bail was set at $550,000 but following a hearing was reduced to $5,000 and she was released from jail.

Prosecutors told the court Peterson had voiced her concerns about her mental health and said she had suffered hallucinations that prevented her from sleeping for days.

Her four children are being looked after by social workers.

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