1. I have a thing for pregnant women too..I was getting my hair done one time and the owner of the shop was pregnant..she was walking around helping her employees finish up their customers and was teaching them how to do things the right way..she was guyanese with a french accent…everything about her turned me on..i think the fact that she was handling business and pregnant turned me on the most…

    so she came to braid my hair and her belly kept bumpin up agaisnt my arm..she was smelling goooood…like her perfume was soft and it would hit my nostrils every time she swayed her body from side to side…i was fantasizing so hard that I almost leaned over and kissed her stomach…my lips brushed up agaisnt her sexy ass sundress she was wearing and then i caught myself and pretended like i was falling asleep and apologized…I wanted to make love to her so bad…it was weird…lmao..i felt like that was my baby in her stomach and she was my wife…I wanted to kiss all over that belly

    but its not every pregnant woman..i cant stand to see a ghetto pregnant woman..like still trying to wear the clothes she had prior to her becoming pregnant..stomach hangin out..ugh…hair lookin a mess….bein nasty eatin 6 cheeseburgers and layin the wrappers on her stomach when she is done with one…smh…but definitely someone like Nia or Tia Mowry..stacey dash..or just an around the way chick who keeps their appearance up regardless of their situation…


    1. A ghetto pregnant woman might ruin a fantasy lol I saw one with a pre-baby club outfit on and some high heel boots with the fur (something T-Pain would sing about) and I did a like 3 double-takes because I couldn’t imagine what kind of friends would let her do that. smh


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