Foolishness Of The Day

*Double Sigh*

People are so ridiculous. I just don’t understand why people are so concerned with showing people they “have” money. Why is this even important to so many? Clearly, you have nothing including no darn taste.

I look at people everyday and I just know they are spending their last to “look like money.” If they put all that energy into actually accumulating some pesos, they would be in a much better place. I am sure of it!

Things like this actually makes me feel sad. I just see the youth being sucked into so many unimportant things. I just wish they were more focused.

This reminds me…

The other day this kid (about 10) told me about how prepared he was for school. All he cared about was the new outfit and sneakers he needed for the first day. I was asking if he had his books etc. He told me he had lots of books and supplies. He didn’t really care about that though. He brushed that off and told me the exact outfit he had planned in his head and the colors he would be wearing this year. All he needed was for his mom to buy it. I just felt like so much importance is put on clothes, sneakers and stuff.

The next day he was telling me he had a new phone – an Evo. I told him that was nice. He told how to reset it and once whatever is wrong with it was fixed, he would be good. I told him he was really smart and if I ever needed to reset and Evo, now I knew how to do so. He said “you have an Evo?” I told him no. He says “I saw your cheap old Boost phone the other day.” I said “Yep, that’s my phone. But, you really can not tell me my phone is cheap until you can buy your own. When you can earn money to spend on things, then you can determine what is cheap or expensive. Until then a phone should be a phone to you.” He humbled himself and said “ok.”

Why is material junk so important? His phone didn’t even work but it was still better than mine? My phone actually works lol.


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