London riots – The Big Picture –

London riots – The Big Picture –

You guys just have to look at the pictures on this site. They are some really great shots. You get a feel of what is happening over in England. I have not been keeping up with the London riots. I really don’t know too much. I am reading more about it now, and it seems like it is all about racism. Apparently, the police killed a black man recently and the people “went off.” They were having a peaceful protest and somehow it turned into these riots.

I just don’t like people ruining their own shit. Why would you want to riot where you live? One of the neighborhoods are already poor, why would you want to do that to your own neighborhood?

I do understand people being fed-up though. I really do. People can take but so much of the bullshit, before they flip-out. I don’t agree with ruining your own city, but I do believe in getting your voice heard. Racism is still alive. Sadly, I think it will always be alive.

I am going to try to keep up. I will keep you guys posted as well.


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