I really have to laugh sometimes….

I was walking down a street in Flatbush, Brooklyn and I heard a middle-aged man talking to his peers. He said ” I aint in love with him, his dick is…” I busted out laughing. Then I said “I know that’s right” (fag voice). One of the dudes found me terribly amusing and was cracking up. I loved it. If you know Flatbush, you know you don’t hear shit like that often. It was actually refreshing or something.

I continued my walk.

I heard “nigga, it’s nice there. It is beautiful at night.” This was two guys talking in front of the corner store. They ended their conversation with a “pound.” Again, I smiled to my self. Why? I really don’t know. I thought “shit, if it’s beautiful, it’s beautiful” LOL, sometimes there are no other words to describe something. I am probably not totally explaining the thought but hopefully you get it.

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