We may not be hearing from Willis anymore…

I canceled my date with Willis again. Let me tell yall what has been going on with Willis.

I have still been talking to her and the conversations are pretty good. I think I may have mentioned that I didn’t think it would work out romantically though. I concluded this a while ago. Conversation can’t hurt and we can probably be really good friends. She is pretty cool.

Once she started telling me her views on things, I knew she was not the woman for me. I simply disagreed with her foolishness thoughts and moved on. I think it makes for good conversation, when both people do not agree on every single thing anyway.

We were supposed to meet last Friday. I agreed and we just needed to set a time. She was really looking forward to hanging out. I think she was still under the impression that we were compatible, though. She was talking about meeting in the city again. I told her we should do something in Brooklyn. She asked what we could do in Brooklyn. We can do everything in Brooklyn, that we can do in Manhattan. I just don’t see the point in dragging my ass to Manhattan for dinner and drinks. We have restaurants too, nice ones! She said it was cool, but I have to pick the place. Cool, no problem. There is a restaurant that I have been meaning to try and she was game.

On Thursday night, we were talking on the phone and the conversation got pretty interesting. I was being honest about the way I saw things and so was she. I think it began to get a lot clearer to her that we wouldn’t work. I felt like she needed to have a realllll conversation with me prior to meeting the next day. I didn’t bring the topics up, but I sure as heck contributed.

She said she is NOT domestic and her lady would need to be very domestic and love it. HUH? Love it? Okay. I told her that I was very domestic because I cook and clean, but I also love a domestic woman as well. I would like to eat a meal that I didn’t prepare too. She said on those days she would take me out to eat. No effort? Okay. She said she was very aggressive and that means she is 90 percent man and 10 percent woman. What? I don’t want a man. She said she will do the dishes, if I cook though. Seems like she will be doing a whole lot of dishes, because the only thing she cooks are pancakes. Who can eat pancakes all day? She will clean, but she expects the fem to do all that “girly” stuff. I told her I would like to come home to a clean house too. She was not feeling any of my chatter. It was kind of hilarious. Her shit was so outdated. Who lives like this? That kind of relationship has to be mutually okay with both parties. I have 2 children and I do not need an adult child. She made it clear that she needed a lot of attention and basically someone to do everything for her. What? This is a very grown woman. At this point I didn’t even have A LOT of attention.

I wanted to know if I did all of this, what is it that she does? Well, she told me she will make sure everything is ok. Everything like what? Seems like I would be the one making sure everything is okay. She explained that if I ever needed anything I would be good. I would fucking hope so, with your lazy ass lol. If I ever lost my job she would hold everything down. Really? So, I need to lose my job for you to be useful? I might as well quit my shit now, because I don’t know how I would possibly hold down this pesky job, my kids and this grown ass woman.

I said, if I work every day just like you do and I don’t need any money – then what? We just wait for me to become broke and assed-out before she jumps in and does something? She laughed. I am funny, but I was kinda serious that time.

I just don’t like that type of inequality. If I am at work and you get home early, I would hope that you would do something. I would. I would make some dinner, clean up, and what ever else. I had more time on my damn hands. If you leave clothes at my house, it will be washed folded and smelling good when you come back or even if you lived with me. I would think you would want to do the same kind of nice things for me, without me being hurt or broke or something.

There are times I just make dinner for the kids and figure out what I am going to eat later. I don’t always want to cook after work. I told her she would be out of luck on those days, hehe. I would feed the kids and ask her what she was going to eat. Oh, she almost had a heart attack. She told me not to say things like that, lol.

Oh, we got on the topic of sex too. Why oh why?

She told me she was not flexible with her no touching under the belt rule. Period. I thought if she met the right woman who knew what she was doing {me} she would be cool. Nope. That definitely would not work for me. She decided to make a “deal” with me. *Rolling my eyes already* We were just being hypothetical really. You know, if we liked each other enough to have sex. The fact that we even had to make a “deal” is crazy to me. Go with the flow woman. Soooooooo, the deal was if I gave up my gluteus maximus, then I could do what ever I want. Yes, she did use those exact words. Not only did I have to give it up, I would have to allow her to KNOCK IT OUT good and proper with her tool of choice, for as long as she wanted, and how ever she wanted. Excuse me? What kinda deal is that? No, Maam. This is a deal for a dumb-ass — Not me!

At the end of the conversation she concluded that I was an AG. Because I wanted equality in my relationship and I want to do things sexually as well.

She told me that was a great “deal” because she does not allow women to go down or touch. I suppose I should have felt honored. Sike. For shits and giggles, I asked when was the last time she got some head received oral sex. She told me “1998.” WHAT? Nothing much to talk about here Maam, you just aint givin’ it up.

After this conversation she said it would be more convenient to meet up in the city, lol. I guess she no longer felt it was necessary to make the trip to Brooklyn. We didn’t hang out that Friday. I didn’t want to go to the city; We never met up. I am sure you all are extremely surprised. Right?


  1. This “role playing” is getting out of hand. I know it happens a lot in romantic relationships…but I also experience it a lot in my friendships with other dominant women. It gets on my nerves, which is why I probably only have three dominant friends.

    In relationships I dont like to cook, because I am an impaitient person and I hate when I make things and it doesnt come out right….but I can cook and will cook if I had to. Perfect example..I dated this girl who had a 5 year old. She use to be too tired to cook when she got off so she would go buy junk food and I noticed that her daughter was gaining a lot of weight..So I took it upon myself to cook on the days that I didnt have school which was like 3 days out of the week….and I was the one doing alllllll of the house chores…the trash would pile up and I would forget to take it out in the morning because shit…it was 4:00 am when I left out for work …and taking out the trash would be the last thing on my mind…so I would complain and tell her that she needs to do something around the house…like damn if Im cooking and cleaning and doing the laundry… she can at least take out the trash..so she had the nerve to part her lips and say…well your the dom, youre suppose to take out the trash…im like wtf???? I dont see a “waste management” name tag sewed to my shirt…nor are you a paraplegic…so that contributed to the list of reasons why we couldn’t be together…someone needed to mature and get their damn head out of the clouds..and it sure wasn’t me…

    As for friendships…ugh…I *have had * some dom friends who would be like..damnnn, you dont know how to play b-ball? you dont wear boxers (does sleeping in them count??)??? you dont want me to call you my brother (that wasnt a problem joking around, but to seriously consider myself to be a man..nah)??? Like was there a book I forgot to read or a “stud” package that I never received in the mail???? I will admit…in my younger days I felt like I had to be a certain way in order to have a successful relationship with a feminine woman….like wearing certain types of clothes…but I grew the hell up and out of that quick…I still wear clothes designed for men..but its for totally different reasons… reasons none other than comfort and ease of shopping..and shit..i look good in clothes designed for men…**chuckles** ..but seriously there comes a point (hopefully before 25) when a dominant lesbian realizes that she doesnt have to act a certain way in order for their relationships to be normal…hell some of my gf’s are more dominant than me, and I dont feel any type of way about it..I actually like for my woman to be a little aggressive…shit i dont want no pillow princessin damsel in distress…I want her to show me what she wants and what she is about…I believe that is why a lot of these hard core studs and “touch me nots” go back to messing around with men on the side and ending up “mysteriously” pregnant..because they havent been touched in so long that they need to get pleasure and not feel like they are being less dominant for getting it…

    To touch more on this whole “touch me not” thing…um..i guess this goes back to doms feeling like they have play a certain role.. and they believe that if they allow a fem to go down or touch around ..it will make them less dominant..which is so fucking stupid…like i dont feel less dominant…shit when i think about it ..yelling “do that shit girl” while she does her thing..makes her perform even better..it makes me feel like I have all of the control in the world…I love a woman who craves all of me as much as I crave her…thats as normal as normal can get


    1. OMG @ RJ! I totally agree with everything you just wrote. The shit is getting out of hand in the worst way.

      I agree with the Touch me nots effin dudes too. They can be a woman and be themselves with the guys, but they don’t feel like they can do that with a woman. They fear being to feminine. Really? That shit is so stupid.

      There is way too much though put into what should and shouldn’t be. Just do the shit and see how that works for you.


  2. OMG! I am f****** SPEECHLESS right now. WTH is wrong with Willis? I’m a stud and I’m like Johnny Gill “rub me the right way” I love women(femmes) to touch me(im just not with that penetration stuff). Alot studs like to play the role of being so damn hard(ur still a woman). Personally if you keep being like that you will never learn your likes & dislikes of your own sexuality. What are you really afraid of? Why all the rules & regulations for a relationship. All these sexy good & faithful women out here and yall studs wanna put stipulations on them cause of ur damn control issues. It’s 2011, wake the hell up and get over that “don’t touch me” bullshit.


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