Foolishness Of The Day

I just got READ ladies!!!

I wrote this post and the woman I was talking about read it. SO, she responded to the post and went OFF! Too funny! It is what it is folks.

I am deciding if I should post her reply. I am thinking NO, because her response had nothing to do with what I said.

I still believe you are conceited chile. I still do not know why chile. The fact that you even mentioned that you had a job, and apt, and graduated college is too much. I did all of that too. I never talked about any of those things. I guess as you said being an educated black woman is a lot to be conceited about, but you didn’t graduate at the time. So, what were you conceited about then? *Birds chirping*

People should really get over themselves.

I think what I wrote was accurate and if you want to dispute that, you can and I will let your response be seen.

The title of her response was “Hold on one minute MOTHERFUCKER.” OUCH!


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