How neat does your mate need to be for you?

I am watching a show called “The Marriage Ref” for the first time. This is funny. The show is basically about married couples telling their problem to celebrities and then they vote on who is right. There are 3 couples and one of them will win $25,000.

In this instance, the husband is a neat freak! He is over the top to me. He puts signs all over the house to tell her what to do. No one else lives there lol. He has a sign saying “close the door, until it clicks.” Really? She wouldn’t know how to lock a door? He opens her taco sauce packages according to the directions, because she does not do it right. He has signs that says not to do all kinds of shit. He cleans constantly! She is complaining that he is just too much. She says can’t even relax in her own home; he says everything needs order.

How much is too much?

I like a clean home. I like things to look and smell clean. I am not OCD or a “neat freaky” though. I just don’t have the patience for that kinda thing. My bathroom and kitchen are the places, that I like to have clean all the time. I do however understand that I have to be reasonable. As long as you clean your home, put things where they belong, and just keep things in order as you go along, your house will be fine. I love walking into my house and it is clean and smells clean.

Some people do too much though.

I refuse to walk behind my kids picking up every single toy all day. When they are done, we clean up. They know how to put things back as well. My sister will pick up toys all day. Why? You don’t have anything else to do? That doesn’t make a dirty house. My mother will sweep the floor ten times for the day.

How clean does your mate need to be? Is a little messy okay? Is OCD okay?


  1. Nah that is nasty. Messy I can do. Sometimes shit gets messy. You know like damn, I need to fold clothes tomorrow. I won’t let dirty clothes pile up though.

    If your toilet has a ring in it, that shit is disgusting. Oh, and I would throw out the shitty drawers. I don’t have to wash that mess. Plus, kids hate when you throw their things away. They will learn to stop that mess real quick if you throw it right in the garbage.


  2. There is a difference between being messy and nasty…Messy is clean clothes on the couch (for two weeks), because you were too tired to fold them and put them away…nasty is hair and dandruff all over the bathroom and a toilet that resembles the toilet at the gas station up the street…

    I agree that certain areas must stay clean..the kitchen ..bathroom ..and the bed that you sleep on is where the most germs live…so it is necessary to keep it clean…everything else is in the grey

    This girl i was dating was a mixture of both…nasty and messy…I can kind of deal with a messy person, but if a person is nasty most likely they are nasty with their hygiene and I just cant do it…but since she kept herself up and was well groomed I gave her a chance… one day I was over her house cleaning up and I moved the microwave… (for some reason cleaning behind and under kitchen appliances is not a must for most people) I almost passed out when I saw dried up milk and balls of trix cereal stuck to the counter..along with broken up pieces of oodles of noodles that didnt make it into the bowl..and some other shit that I couldnt identify…so I just went the hell off…and the only thing she could do was blame it on the kids…im like..look..this is your house…I have my own apt to clean up..but since i have been staying the night days at a time I decided to be nice and clean up for u…if your going to let your children run your household and not teach them how to clean up after themselves they are going to be nasty just like u (that made her raise an eyebrow)…theres no excuse…children make messes, and its up to the adult to make sure that the shit is cleaned up properly…but of course she didnt agree with me…so I got over that..and decided to not spend the night because I was starting to become anal about small shit…but then she called me one day and was like..I miss having you here and I dont want something this petty (that shit ain petty) to keep us from spending more time together…so she told me to come over because she had a like ight…so i get there and everything is smelling all nice and clean..her bathroom was nice and clean..everything was in order…so i was mad proud of her and I decided to take her out for a few hours and get some dinner…shes is in the shower and yells out..”Can you look for my black shoe with the small spikes on them, they might be in my closet?” im like ok cool..mannn i open that fuckin closet door and all of the shit that was on her floor and under her bed the last time i was there..she had thrown it in the got damn closet…so i just felt this heat wave come over me, but i kept my cool…so im diggin through shit and climbing over mounds of clothes,play dough containers(why the fuck is that in there?), old mail, gi joe or some action figure…single pieces of weave..all types of shit…so i finally find the damn shoe and then she gets out and was like whats wrong with u??? Im like nothing..because I really didnt want to ruin the then she goes back into the bathroom to do her makeup ..five minutes later shes like..can you pass me a roll of toilet paper out of the kids bathroom..I go into the kids bathroom and i saw some kiddie superman or watever cartoon was on them drawls… sittin on the floor with dookie in wasnt a stain..the amount of shit that was on those drawls belonged in the damn toilet, and them underwear should have been thrown away..after that i wasnt hungry…i told her that we could just go down to the inner harbor and take a walk..and do dinner another time…which really mean “its over”….i had to cut ‘er loose….


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