Woman kills herself and all three of her children. *SAD*

Gun residue has been found on the hands of the Kenner mom who was found shot to death Tuesday afternoon along with her three daughters. A mother shot dead her three young daughters – the youngest of whom was just six-months-old – then turned the gun on herself in a tragic murder-suicide, New Orleans police said.

The children’s father, named as Ronald Peters, made the horrific discovery when he returned home from work and none of his little girls ran to greet him.

He walked into an upstairs bedroom and discovered the body of his partner, 29-year-old Nadia Braxton, lying over the couple’s three daughters, Kayla, 12, Nayax, 18 months and Nyla, six months. Ms Braxton had been shot in the forehead, as had her two youngest daughters.

One by one the bodies of Nadia Braxton and her three daughters were removed from the family’s home Tuesday night on East Louisiana State Drive in Kenner. Braxton’s daughters aged 12, one and a half and six months old were all found lying on a bed. She was draped across them. Kenner Police Chief Steve Caraway says while the gun residue on her hands would point to a murder suicide, the police department is still investigating. “We want to make sure we interview family and friends that knew this couple, knew this young lady and the kids and determine exactly what could have led to this,” Caraway explained.

Braxton’s youngest daughters were only about a year apart in age. Chief Caraway says Braxton’s relatives told him, she’d been feeling depressed in recent years.

Dr. Janifer Tropez-Martin, an obstetrician at Tulane Medical Center, says postpartum blues and depression after having two kids back to back is fairly common. “Postpartum depression and depression in general, you are at risk for displaying depressive symptoms when you have major life stressors. So having a baby obviously is a major life stress and multiple children close together could be very stressful,” Tropez-Martin explained.

But now Braxton’s boyfriend, and father of her three girls, is left to pick up the pieces.

Why are so many people doing this kind of madness? I feel sick reading this article.


  1. We need to get better postpartum resources and counseling to these women afterhaving children. This is becoming more frequent. Women are not having the structual and family support needed after having a baby, single mothers…mothers having to return to work as soon as they are being released from the hospital…etc. this is not healthy for mother or child.


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