Remember Willis?

Yea, well I am still talking to “Willis.” She told me that she does not shave. OK. She also added that her women or feminine women should always shave.  Is it me? One, I feel like if you are asking someone one to do something, you should be willing to do the same. No? I think so. Well, for the most part.

She says she has buckwheat in her pants. Not. Sexy. To. Me. I am just saying. Don’t get me wrong, If you are single you should do as you please. If you are tying to get you “some” I am going to need you to get it together. Unless, you are lucky enough to find someone who likes what you like.

When I am single, I find my self slacking on the shaving. No one sees it though lol. That is some single girl shit. It is nothing crazy though.

No trim or anything? What do you folks like?


  1. Well I like a clean pave way, but if it was discussed before hand, before we got down to business then i expect it too be shaved. That just me lol, don’t want no shedding in my mouth.


  2. Now every chic know she is natgeo down there from time to time when they are single…lmao and it is ok to be bushy from time to time especially when you have a tighter curl. Ingrowns are a mutha. Some chics don’t care if you are bushy so its really the persons choice. I know for me , its bad but it depends on her type of hair if she can be bushy lol


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