How much is IT worth?

I have to LOL at myself for this one, off top.

I was walking down the street today. I heard a guy say to his friend “I got $150 for the pussy.” Yea, WOW.

I wanted to know if that was a lot or a little. Is $150 for some “pussy” reasonable? I am really not sure people.

Personally, NO! It is not enough and it is not for sale. But, we are not talking about me. I am the one that wasn’t sure if I wanted that girl to give me head for free lol.

For the women who like getting paid for sex, what it is “worth?”

Do you think that would be a reasonable amount?


  1. I can’t believe they blatantly priced you in public like that, WOW. I would never pay, or agree to be paid for some, but I feel like they priced you rather low. Maybe because I wouldn’t be satisfied with any amount offered on me.


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