Jump Off?

I am single. I am also enjoying my single life, for the most part. I really can not say that I am dating, I am open. I am talking to women, but nothing serious at all. I met a woman recently and she seems nice. She is single, looking for a wife, and loves sex. She is very “open” sexually. Open means freak. I don’t know if I want to know all of that so soon. She tells me she is horny, what she likes sexually, and she also likes to take care of her woman all around.

She is very open with the fact that she is sexually attracted to me. The way she describes “her sex”, sounds pretty interesting. Sounds down right good actually lol. Really, because she put it out there like that, I couldn’t even think of her as a girlfriend etc.

This just made me think, can I have a situation that is  purely sexual? No title? No nothing else? I have never had a sex-only buddy. How does that work? I know people do it all the time. I don’t know if I could. If I did, I would want to stick the rules. No relationship and no expectations. As long as were tested and the results were negative, that would be the only expectation.

So, can she just be my jump off? She is sexy yall. I am cracking myself up. I know I am not going to do a damn thing lol. If she is my jump off, wouldn’t I be a jump off too? LOL, I think I shall pass.


  1. I want to first say, get the test! Totally important to make sure that you both come up negative. And no offense to her, the fact that she is so forward would make me further insist that she be tested before any lines are crossed.

    I have had a “sex only” situation and I must admit, it worked for us. We both knew what it was, and what it wasn’t. We were both honest and adult about our expectations. It lasted for a few months before we both finally headed in directions that better satisfied us.

    What I will say about these situations however, is that at times people CLAIM they can handle that type of understanding and then somewhere down the road feelings and emotions take one of the two over. It’s important to be realistic in whether you can have sex, without strings attached.

    Great post!


  2. These days, we have to be safe but not too serious. Keep things light and playful. People are so quick to tie the knot when there is no need to. Enjoy each other’s company by sexual pleasures, light hook-ups and casual conversations…nothing serious. It’s possible, well for me LOL! Then when you tired then go home or part ways until next time. And she is hot?? IDK if I could say no ….I say go for it!


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