Whatchu Talkin’ Bout Willis?

I encountered my very first Touch Me Not. I am still trying to figure her out. We will see how this goes. I have dated women who had little sexual hang ups. I dated one woman who loved having her breasts toyed with but did not like women to go down. I didn’t try either. I already knew we weren’t going to last too long, so it was cool.

I dated another woman who I liked and she said she didn’t like “hand play.”  She was all in with everything else. Well, that theory went out the window and we had great all around sex. I tested the waters and  she loved it. I don’t think she even knew she would be so cool with the “hand play.”

Now, this woman is telling me that she “likes to please and she is pleased by pleasing her woman.” *YAWN* She even added in “just enjoy.” Enjoy? Um, I am no Pillow Princess, Honey. I really haven’t gotten to the meat of it yet, but so far, not looking so good guys.

To be continued…

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