Pillow Princess

A friend of mine told me she has encountered quite a few Pillow Princesses. Really, they still make those? I don’t encounter these women. I am not sure why, but I am glad. Who has time for that? I wish a woman would tell me that she won’t/doesn’t do ANYTHING! Um, why are you here again? LOL.

If you are in a relationship, I really can’t imagine people saying this pillow princess foolishness. Really, what does it mean? LMAO! Sit back and let me do all the work, and you tell me thanks? I wish I would. If you are standing on your pedestal, I am going to need you to move over and make some space for me.

I don’t do flings and random sex, so if we are going to take it there, I am sure we already discussed sex in some way. That would be a RED FLAG. I like  mutually fulfilling relationships, and that includes sex.

According to www.Urbandictionary.com a pillow princess is not for me. I imagine some women really do like Pillow Princesses. Am I missing out on something? Can someone enlighten me? Please and thanks!


  1. I had a lover tell me in my late teens that I was a pillow princess and it adversely affected me for years. I’m a bottom (not a femme), and I don’t like being gone down on or to fuck my partners with my fingers (or anything else) – I reciprocate a good fucking of me by going down on my partners. Sexuality is fluid and varied. No-one can or could have explained why the above gets me and my (now) carefully chosen partners off! Don’t judge – just find someone who fits you!

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  2. Hell, I just learned a new phrase; I know some pillow princesses – just didn’t know there was a name for women who love to receive but hate the notion of giving back.

    Thanks for the education, LB!


  3. That picture is disturbing and kinky at the same time…emptyways…eff all that…I have to agree with you…my partner better be able to perform just as well as me…or she can kick rocks. I stopped humping dolls at around 9 or 10 because I just didnt have time for that shit..acting like dead weight..she better move or do something lls.


  4. I think a lot of agressive studs or butches like pillow princesses. A lot of the ones I know do not care to have their private parts touched they want to feel masculine at all times and would rather strap up and please their girl then get licked up. lol


  5. This is a good topic. I actually dated someone who insisted I be a Pillow Princess. It was all good and well the first couple of times because well, I enjoyed the work that was being put in. But after a couple of sessions, it gets totally boring. Being a Pillow Princess would NEVER work for me.. I love women too much!


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