My Brooklyn Pride

I went out tonight and I am so happy to be home. Today was Brooklyn Pride and being prideful is always nice. I planned on going to Prospect Park to hang out with my fellow gays, but it rained. I am not sure what the turn out was, but I wasn’t trying to sit anywhere in the rain. Why would I? Not so sure.

So, we decided to go to a pool hall type place. I think it was called Ocean’s 8. It is located at Flatbush Avenue and 7th ave. We should have stayed there all night. It was cool. It was a decent night out. I got one number, so lets see how that goes lol.The night was still young so we went to a club in Brooklyn. It was called the Palace. Man oh man, was it WACK. I really can’t even think of a word that sounds better. When I say HOT, it is an understatement. I was pretty much hot for no real reason. I barely danced and had only water to drink. I am not sure why they didn’t have AC, but UGH! I saw one industrial fan in the place. There could have been more, but it really doesn’t matter.

Everyone was ready to leave at the same time, when does that ever happen? So, you know it was “donesville.”


  1. Sounds a little like my weekend…I can definitely relate to being in a sweat box…I would share my story but it might turn into a damn novel :/


  2. My bad…I didn’t read all of the post. You went to the club too? And the ac was broke??? I take my last statement back lol!


  3. Cross your fingers on the number you received! That’s a downer that it rained but at least it wasn’t a complete bust.


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