Gone & Never Coming Back

Why do people realize what they had when it is gone? That is when they just have to get the person back.


I am pretty sure they were given chances while in the relationship. So, they should be more than understanding of the fact that it is now over. Rarely, will people break up for one thing. It has to be something big, or multiple issues. So, what are you crying for now?

You ever see the person who rarely has anything to say in a relationship, but once they are dumped they won’t stop calling, texting, fb’king, etc?

I say if it’s over, it’s over. Adios, Senorita.

Chances are if you are at that point, they are not worth the hassle.


  1. I so agree its like they realize that the other side of town got ish with it too. Then recognize that your ish wasn’t that bad. I don’t get it either


  2. Its like that good old fashion saying, U never miss the water till the well run dry… Lol That’s normally when U realize that Ur thirsty 🙂
    Nice blog when I have the time, I’m gonna come check U out.


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