What do you look for in a woman?

What is your wish list?

There are certain things that I would like/need to have in a partner.

1.Nice smile (Crucial)
4. Wants to be apart of a family and wants kids, their own or adopted. I have children and I want to settle down into a nice little family.
5. Domestic (That means the whole cooking and cleaning thing. I am domestic, so it would be nice if you are too.)
6. Monogamous
7. I need to be sexually attracted to you. Having all of the above without the sex, is just a roommate or friend.
8. Good sex
9. Enjoys laughter (I am a clown)
10. Open-minded (None of that touch-me-not stuff, or stuck in the gender roles too ridiculously)

This is just the minimum. I need someone who is a good human, happy, caring, empathetic, loving and has goals with a plan.

As you can see I am not into the superficial things. You don’t need to earn a huge salary or have this or that. If I am looking for a partner, I am looking for a good person. A real person. Someone I can be myself with at all times. I want to do things together, go through life together. If I have it, trust me were good and vice-versa. None of that uneven mess; If you’re putting yourself in it, then I am too. I am willing to meet half way, and wouldn’t ask for anything that I can not give in return.

Not too much to ask for, right?


  1. Not too much at all. Actually I want all those things and then some… 😉 I would like her to have a connection with God also, she doesn’t have to be waving around her bible n reciting bible scriptures but it would be nice if she had her own relationship with God. A family that prays together stays together lol. I know, I know, I’m corny.
    And last but not least I love love love thoughtful women and that cause I’m thoughtful.. Oh and Trust in a real big one for me too.. It can be a deal breaker or the glue that bonds together something beautiful.


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