Mom tosses baby down NYC trash chute

Associated Press

NEW YORK — An 18-year-old mother is being accused of throwing her newborn down a garbage chute in a New York City housing project.

Police say Laquasia Wright of Brooklyn was arrested Sunday on charges of attempted murder and endangering the welfare of a child. It wasn’t clear if she had a lawyer.

A building superintendent at the Walt Whitman Houses in Brooklyn heard a baby’s cries coming from inside a plastic trash bag Sunday morning. The trash bag was attached to a compactor chute.

Police tell the Daily News it is unclear how far down the garbage chute the baby fell. The trash may have broken his fall.

The newborn was rushed to Brooklyn Hospital and is listed in stable condition.

These stories are really sad! How is she going to feel as she watches this child grow up, knowing she tried to kill him/her? He or she will know about this ordeal. Thank goodness the baby survived.

1 Comment

  1. How thoroughly upsetting is that? smh. I am so disappointed to hear this story.

    There is a national Safe Haven implemented to avoid these situations. Women are in the free and clear to drop babies off at any hospital, police station or fire department with ZERO questions asked, if they are not interested in parenting. When will women seek SAFE options for their children opposed to murder?

    Thank you for sharing this story.


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