Emotional Attachments

I just read my comments and someone mentioned emotional attachments. That has led me to writing this blog.

I do not like to deal with women that have an emotional attachment to any other woman on this entire earth. Emotional attachments can be worst than cheating, in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to be cheated on either. I don’t know if I have ever been cheated on. So, were just going to go say that I haven’t been. Cheating has never been an issue in any of my relationships.

Anyway, back to my topic.

It seems more and more women enter relationships with an emotional attachment to someone else. Why? Do they think they are over that woman? Do they know they are not over her and they don’t care? Are they trying to use the new woman to get over the last? None of these options work for me. I don’t even want to deal with it. If you are so attached to the last one, go back to her immediately. I don’t need the emotional stress.

Women seem to not know how to let go. IT IS OVER, so move the hell on. I can understand if it was a recent break up. But, if you broke up last year, I am going to need you to cut it the hell out. Actually, I really don’t care when you broke up. If you have decided to start a relationship with someone new, then I need you to move the hell on. Why are you even in a relationship if you can’t stop thinking about the ex?

What is worst is when one girl is all hung up, and the ex could care less. Pathetic.

Let me add my own emotional attachment story. Please feel free to add yours. If you are a lesbian, I am almost sure you have one too, unfortunately. So share with me too =).

I dated a woman who swore up and down she was over her ex. *rolling my eyes* She had texts from the ex saying “we shouldn’t be like this.” She LOCKED and saved that message. This text must have meant a lot, in my opinion. All other messages to and from her had been deleted — the locked one stayed.

The ex’s ring tone was the song “All I want is you.”*Rolling my eyes*.

The picture that was assigned to the ex? A picture of when they were together staring into each others eyes.

She still had pictures of the ex on her Facebook. She said it was because “they were still friends.” She “understand” I was even asking about it. Delete.

Girl, just stop it now. You are still hung the hell up. She may or may not want you, but you sure as hell aint over that relationship AT ALL.

So, as you can see, I am not a fan of emotional attachments. Women need to take the time to fully move on. They need to get closure.They need to know the book is closed. If you know there is nothing there, it is a lot easier to move on. If something still remains, then you should work on it. That may mean reconciling, if possible. Or, it may mean taking time to figure out why that relationship didn’t work. It may mean that the two people can not be friends. What ever it is…take the time to figure it out before you drag an innocent bystander into the drama.



  1. This is great advice. I don’t know why women do these things. I know that we love deeply and profoundly but these unhealthy attachments are not good for the soul. Since I knew that I wasn’t completely over my ex-wife, I did not enter into a serious relationship. It wouldn’t have been fair to the other womyn. I do get lonely sometimes, and when it becomes overwhelming, I just keep it casual.


  2. YES MA’AM! i know that all too well. luckily enough the woman in my life chose to WAIT til she was fully over the situation, but the ex still lives in lala land…anyways people dont want to understand that break ups are painful, joyous, liberating and alienating all at the same time, some days will be better than others but time heals all. and people rebound because they think being ‘distracted’ with a new relationship will help them get over it. Not the case, all you do is toy with the emotions of the new flame


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