How many people have you…

Yea,  you know the rest. How many people have you slept with? Do people really ask that right off top?


My sister told me she went on a date with a woman (first date) and the woman asked how many people she had slept with. My sister was really taken aback. She asked me if people really just came out and asked that on a first date. I have never experienced it personally.

I thought it was strange as hell and kind of rude. My sis said the girl started rationalizing the people she had slept with and telling her how she never “really? slept with a man. Saying nonsense like she did “stuff.” How much “stuff” can you do with men? LOL. I am just saying. Really, that was her business because no one asked. My sis just listened to her story or stories.

Is that an important question? I’ve never asked the question before, I don’t think. You will usually find out if your girl was or is a ho soon enough. You guys will talk and you will start to get an idea of her sexual past. Plus, once you get to know someone you can ask certain questions. No need to put people on “front street.”

Really, all I really concern myself with from the beginning is when was the last time you got tested and when was the last time you had sex. As long as your negative, I can move forward from there. You could have slept with a slew of people (I would rather you not) but what really matters is your status. I am “fronting” just a little tiny bit. I really don’t want you to be a ho. I don’t like that lmao!

What about you folks?

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  1. I would only ask something like that if 1. I am her first female date 2. To find out how easily she would sleep with someone.
    These days you have to protect yourself but it would not be my first questions….Maybe on the second


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