Would you?

Hiding...are we?

Would you date someone who is already in a relationship or married?


NO! I would never date someone in a relationship. I don’t need that kind of karma catching up to me at all. I know people love to say “well, I am not the one in a relationship.” It doesn’t matter though, because you are dishonest as well. No, you don’t owe their partner anything, but you can’t find a single person? I am pretty sure you can.

For the person that is cheating on their partner…why? Why not stop it and be free to do who and what you want? I just can’t. What about getting caught? When I am happy, I do not want to mess that up. If, I am not happy the relationship ends. Even in that not-so-happy time, I still don’t cheat. Mainly, because I don’t know what is going to happen with us. I would hate to cheat, and then we stay together lol; I would feel like poop.

Honesty, I don’t see the point in all the “fronting.” It takes a lot to sneak around. I just don’t have that many hours in my day. Plus, I wish I would let a woman think she is some freaking gift from outer space by “sneaking” around with her. Um, no. You are not so special that I am going to around hiding with you. I do not like to share and I strongly believe in “mine.”

Just the thought of sleeping with someone who is sharing their body with someone else would drive me crazy. I like to focus on my partner. I am usually trying to do things with her or to her and I don’t want to split my time.

So, what about you guys/ladies?

Talk to me!

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