Why don’t you listen to yourself?

Listen up!

I was talking to a friend and we felt the same way about liars. Sometimes, you just want to “bust them” all they way out. You want to have so much proof for their “slick” asses. So that you can’t wait see that dumb ass look on their faces! Usually though once I find out you lied to me about anything…I am ghost. I tell you… I know, and I leave. I can’t be bothered. I don’t even have to have “solid” proof. I don’t need it. I am done. If my intuition tells me something, I listen. I am not trying to give you a chance to fix things.

You may have had that person or persons…were you don’t leave even though you  “know.” You “know” what you feel…but no concrete proof, kinda thing. How long do you stick it out? What are you exactly sticking it out for? There was pretty much one woman who I went against my intuition for, and again my intuition WINS. It didn’t last long, but it shouldn’t have lasted that long.

Do you always listen to yourself?

Talk to me!

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