Bum Bitch

I was talking to my sis today and we both said “bum bitch” at the same time. Yes, we see you bum bitches out there. I know, I know I shouldn’t use the word bitch. But, in this case, it is just too funny not to do so. She told me to look it up and get the definition. I never even heard of Urban Dictionary. The definition had me cracking up. It is really in there!

According to www.urbandictionary.com a bum bitch is: 1.) A complete ho-bag bitch or 2.) A woman who is highly undesirable.

For me, bum bitch isn’t gender specific.

If you do not have any morals or values…you are a bum bitch.
If you lie about ridiculous things to make your self seem better than you are…you are a bum bitch.
If you say you have a job and you really don’t…then you are a bum bitch.
If you never have money, but stay going out…you are a bum bitch.
If you have no shame…you are a bum bitch.
If you are happy and content with achieving nothing, not working, not trying to do anything…you are the “bumiest” bitch.
If you say you graduated from somewhere, and really didn’t…you are a dum bum bitch. Really, who cares?
If you borrow money from everyone you know and promise to pay them all back on the first…mmhmm bum bitch. If your check is that much, I want one too.

I am sure you guys can add some more…and please do. I know I am missing some.


  1. LLS…and so its even more funny because you looked it up…I cant stop laughing…im too immature to comment on this one


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