Why continue relationships that you know will end?

Going somewhere?

I was talking to a friend and they were venting about their relationship. She has issues with her boyfriend. He is an asshole!

Why do people continue when you know the person isn’t good for them? When they know it can not and will not work out? The signs are there and they are ignored. Boundaries are crossed and intuition is screaming loudly.

Why? Is it because they think that maybe they are overreacting? Do they just want to be with someone? I don’t know.

I think we know full well when something is not going to work. I think that maybe we are so focused on what we want, that we miss what we actually have. Which is nothing, nada…zilch. Sometimes, you need to take off your rose colored glasses. If you are the type that ALWAYS ends up in these kind of relationships, you need to start looking at you.

Clearly something is wrong. Right?


  1. I have a friend who once said to me, ‘I’d rather keep him in my life until I find someone else, rather than sleep alone.’ I was floored by this as I am quite the opposite but that who she was and she owned it.


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