Facebook Status

Should you say your in a relationship on FB, if your in one?

Is it necessary? Is it no one’s business?

Some people are quick to say they are in a relationship on Facebook. The relationship could be 2 weeks old and they jump on Facebook telling the entire universe. On the other hand, couples are together for ever and they won’t put it. Or one of them would never put it on their status, while the other is proudly telling the world that they are “off the market.”

I think when people do it too quick they will be changing it shortly lol. I am just saying! They are so eager to tell the world that they don’t stop to think.

The ones that never want to put it…well, they want to look available to the world. They might not necessarily be cheating, but they like to have their options open. I don’t like that at all.

What about when people put “in a relationship” but they customize it so that only the person they are with can see? Isn’t that deceitful? It implies that everyone knows about this arrangement, um no not really!

Do you even have to put that you are in a relationship at all?

Talk to me!

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